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Once regarded as the party of economic incompetence, Labour’s management of public finances during its first term allowed the party to turn the tables on the Conservatives in the 2001 general election. Labour also made the Conservatives accept that…

Some believed the new Clause IV meant Labour had ceased to be ‘socialist’. Among those was Arthur Scargill, leader of the National Union of Mineworkers. Scargill left Labour in 1996 and established the Socialist Labour Party, for which 64 candidates…

After losing again in 1987, support grew for further moderating – or ‘modernising’ - party policy. Much of this period was devoted to changing how the public viewed Labour, to move on from the party of class conflict.


D:Ream’s hit song Things Can Only Get Better was Labour’s campaign song. This poster echoes that optimistic – if vague – promise of a new start after 18 years of Conservative rule.

Born into a middle class Conservative voting family. Blair’s political beliefs derived from a morality that echoed his religious faith

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In 1992 Kinnock faced a divided Conservative government in the midst of a recession. Many believed this was Labour’s best chance since 1974 to win office. Despite a slick and confident campaign, Kinnock failed once again.

The extent to which Tony Blair had become the face of Labour was confirmed by his portrait dominating the party’s manifesto. Blair was incredibly popular with millions of voters and personified how far Labour had changed and was now in touch with…

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Many who voted for Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader in 2015 did so because he opposed Britain joining the United States-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. Blair was mistaken in thinking that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. For some, this…

Labour’s defeat provoked many inquests. This Fabian Society report asked working class voters in Essex why they remained loyal to the Conservatives. It found they did not trust Labour to manage the economy and believed the party would misspend their…
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